Michael Swerdlyk Art Photography

Bananas on Head

Children with Bowls on Heads

Roadside Market

Bowls on Heads

Family wih Things on Heads

Small Village

Taxi Van


Sandals & Nuts on Head

Boy & his Goat

Sunset & Shadows

Sunset Drive Blur

Sun Set Silhouette

Bowls on Heads

Vendor on Mabole River Bridge

Bag & Bowl on Heads

Sandals on Head


Roadside Vendors

Bike Taxi

Heavy Load

Mabole River

Setting Sun Through the Grass

Sunset on the Road Ahead

Buns on Head

Bowls on Heads

Basket on Head

Fruit on Head

Bowls on Heads

Exotic Fruits on Heads

Roadside Vendors

Bike Plus Things on Heads

Sandals on Head

Roadside Market

Exotic Trees & Sunset

Red Sunset

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